Life in Austin

One of the greatest benefits of working at St. David's HealthCare, we believe, is living in Austin, Texas.


Nestled at the foot of the Hill Country where the 150 miles of Highland Lakes begins in Central Texas, Austin is the Lone Star State Capital and home of the University of Texas Longhorns. With many high-tech companies headquartered here, Austin is sometimes called “the Silicon Hills.” If you aren’t familiar with this part of Texas, you’ll be amazed at our beautiful trees, hills and lakes. Austin is a clean, progressive, and active place to live.

An American Favorite

No wonder Austin almost always makes the national best places to live, work and play lists. No state income tax and a reasonable cost of living make Austin that much more desirable. In fact, Texas ranks #1 in a study showing local cost of living standards for nurse salaries.

We think you’ll agree that working at St. David’s HealthCare is made that much better by living in Austin, Texas!

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