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St. David's HealthCare is one of the largest health systems in Texas and Austin's third-
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St. David's HealthCare has a long history of serving the residents of Central Texas
with exceptional medical care. Our 7,500 employees touch over 858,000 lives each
year with a spirit of warmth, friendliness and personal pride.

Maternity & Newborn Blog

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  • JUL

    Baby-Friendly : St. David's Medical Center

    Women: Ages and Stages

    You are officially invited on the baby friendly tour! St. David’s Medical Center downtown is embarking on a journey to become a designated “Baby-Friendly” hospital and we would like you to come along, watch our progress and cheer us on. 

    The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) is a global program which is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to encourage & recognize hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding ( 

    St. David’s Medical Center nurses have been reading, watching, learning and shadowing breastfeeding experts to be able to assist you in your endeavors to successfully breastfeed. 

    Did you know that recent studies show that women who breastfeed enjoy decreased risks of breast and ovarian cancer, anemia, and osteoporosis? (

    We can’t wait to share with you all the great things we have learned.

    Check out Commitment to Breastfeeding below!


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  • JUL

    A Family Tradition

    Women: Ages and Stages

    Hello and welcome to the Women: Ages and Stages blog! We’re so happy you’re here.

    I’m Meg, a labor & delivery nurse with St. David’s Medical Center downtown. I’m inviting you into our special world of everything women! This blog is intended to provide education about women’s needs across a continuum of life. Here at St. David’s Medical Center, WE care about YOU. We want to provide you with the best resources, the best information and THE BEST CARE that you deserve. St. David’s Medical Center has been delivering babies and providing Austin women with exceptional care since 1924.

    A little about me, Meg! When I moved to Austin 5 years ago and told my family that I was going to be interviewing around town at different hospitals for a position as a labor & delivery nurse, my Aunt Tera said “if you are going to have a baby in Austin, St. David’s Medical Center is the place you want to be”. Naturally, I wanted to work for this place that was obviously well respected in the community.

    I interviewed with Laraine McIntyre, the Director of Women’s Services and soon found myself working alongside the most talented women in the city. Coincidentally, Laraine was the delivery nurse who took care of my aunt when she delivered her twins in 1990 and again when my aunt delivered in 1993.

    Tera raved about her nursing care and her ob/gyn Dr. Douglas McIntyre. Now as a nurse who is lucky to call these people my colleagues, I’m able to see what drew my family here. It’s the simple fact that WE ARE FAMILY, connected by caring for women and their needs.

    At St. David’s Medical Center, we see countless family connections. They are mothers and daughters, they are sisters, they are aunts, they are nieces, and they are friends.

    We hope that we are part of your family story, or that we will get to be part of your story someday soon.

    - Meg

    Learn more about:

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  • MAY

    Employee Appreciation Week

    Last week, St. David’s HealthCare employees gathered for food and fun during their annual Employee Appreciation Celebrations. We are so fortunate to have the most amazing group of people caring for our patients and families and, although we appreciate them every day, we were delighted to be able to share in this celebration. When you combine this much fun with excellent care, you get great hospitals!

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  • MAY

    Car Seat Safety Inspections

    St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, in partnership with Williamson County EMS, Texans in Motion and the Georgetown Health Foundation, hosted a Car Seat Safety Inspection to educate parents on the proper use of car seats for children and infants. Families were educated about which car seat best fits their cars and children and how to properly install the car seat.

    Have questions about car seat safety for your family? Contact us.

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  • MAY

    Fit 4 Life Cooking Demo: Summer Salads

    Fit 4 Life provides a monthly cooking demo at their St. David's Round Rock Health and Wellness Center. Throughout the class attendees learn kitchen tips and nutritional facts to help create healthy and delicious meals. In April, dietitian Tarie Beldin, RD, LD, shared some of her favorite summer salad recipes. View photos from the class below and be on the look out for these delicious recipes.

    Tarie's May cooking demo is all about the sweet tastes of summer. Whether you are at a family BBQ or at the pool with the kids—there is nothing better than some dessert! Come learn how to make your favorite sweets healthier and get some ideas for new treats to make your summer one to remember!

    Cost: $15.00 per person

    For more information:
    Please contact Tarie Beldin, RD, LD
    (512) 341-6118 or

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  • APR

    Service Awards Banquet 2011

    Last week St. David's HealthCare recognized those employees who have reached certain milestones in 5 year increments of service. We would not be where we are today without our wonderful employees, thank you to everyone who helps us provide exceptional care to Central Texas daily! View photos from the Service Awards banquet below:

    Looking for a job in the health care industry? Be sure to visit our careers page, just click here.

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  • APR

    Get Ready for Spring with Salads

    Spring SaladSpring is rounding the corner which means lots of leafy greens, fresh vegetables & succulent fruits to enjoy! Join us at the St. David's Round Rock Medical Center for our April Cooking Class with Tarie Beldin, RD, LD.  The class will discover:
    • Which salads are the healthiest choices when eating at restaurants.
    • How to prepare delicious salads that keep you satisfied.
    • How to "dress" your salad.

    Tarie will provide recipes handouts to help attendees follow along during the cooking demo. Furthermore, you get to taste the refreshing and appetizing salads that will help you feel energized and ready for summer.

    Monday, April 25th 6:00-7:30 pm

    St. David’s Round Rock Health & Wellness Center
    1812 N. Mays St Suite 101

    $20.00 per person

    For more information:
    Please contact Tarie Beldin, RD, LD
    (512) 341-6118 or

    To register:
    Call- (512) 478-3681 or (888) 868-2104

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  • APR

    Fertility Facts and Statistics

    Infertility is a very common condition estimated to affect approximately 1 in 6 couples. This may even be an underestimate since many couples never end up seeking care. As patient awareness and education increases, the number of couples seeking care and achieving their goal of family building will increase. Presently the CDC estimates that ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies) accounts for slightly more than 1% of total U.S. births. There were 142,435 ART cycles reported in 2007 and 57,569 infants born as a result of ART cycles in 2007. These numbers only reflect those births where the babies were conceived via in-vitro fertilization procedures. There are many couples who can conceive with simpler and less expensive treatment than in-vitro fertilization. They key is to seek care early so that appropriate interventions and treatment can be done in a timely fashion. This is important not only because advancing age of the female partner can have a significant impact on the chances of success, but also the emotional toll can keep couples from getting the care they need.

    Generally speaking, it is recommended that if the female partner is under age 35 and the couple has been trying at least for a year without success then they should consider undergoing an evaluation to identify any factors that can contribute to infertility. If the female partner is over age 35, then it is best to seek an evaluation after 6 months of trying without success. This is of course true assuming that there are no known causes of infertility present such as blocked tubes or lack of ovulation or poor sperm etc. If there is a known cause then evaluation should be sought ASAP.

    When a couple decides they want to start the process of getting evaluated for infertility they could either go to their ob gyn, PCP or come directly to a reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist. Simple treatment and be initiated with the obgyn however studies have shown that time to pregnancy is the shortest with a specialist. Typically once pregnant, the patient is followed by the reproductive endocrinologist until about 8-10 weeks gestation and then referred back to their obgyn for continued obstetric care.

    The take home message here would be that it is important to seek care in a timely fashion. There are many causes of infertility that are amenable to simple treatment options and chances of successful conception are high for many couples. Obtaining the appropriate information is extremely important for patients to make well informed decisions on how they want to proceed to build their family.

    Rinku Mehta, M.D.
    St. David's Round Rock Medical Center

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  • APR

    Austin Woman Magazine's Healthy Living Event

    St. David's HealthCare sponsored Austin Woman Magazine's Healthy Living event held last week at the Renaissance Hotel in North Austin. The all-day event allowed women to increase their health knowledge through keynote speakers, breakout sessions and panels. Physicians from St. David's facilities provided valuable information about a variety of topics including: menopause, eating habits, sexual health and weight loss.

    Interested in participating in future St. David's HealthCare events? Like us on facebook!

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  • MAR

    FAQs about Endometriosis

    What is endometriosis?

    The inside lining of the uterus that produces a monthly period is called the endometrium. Endometriosis is when this type of tissue grows on the outside of the uterus in the pelvis or abdomen. It can be anywhere such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder or bowel. Your hormones each month will stimulate the endometriosis just like the endometrium. Your body was not made to handle this tissue and stimulation outside of the uterus.

    What are the symptoms and how do I know if I have endometriosis?

    The most common symptoms are painful periods, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, abnormal bleeding, and infertility. Having any of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean you have endometriosis, and you could have endometriosis without any symptoms at all. A normal ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries does not rule out endometriosis since it is usually flat like a freckle or mole. Sometimes, a large amount can build up and be seen by ultrasound. Most of the time, you and your doctor may suspect you have endometriosis but an accurate diagnosis can only come after seeing it in your pelvis during surgery.

    How is endometriosis treated?

    If you do not want to get pregnant, the first line treatment is birth control pills. Taking them continuously to avoid a menstrual cycle will be best. Other options include progesterone agents such as Depot Provera, Implanon, and progesterone pills. The best medical therapy is Depot Lupron, an injectable medication given for about 6 months at a time. This temporarily stops your monthly cycles to allow the endometriosis to heal. Some physicians will give a progesterone pill daily during this treatment to prevent side effects. Surgery is an option to remove endometrial implants using laser or cautery. This can improve symptoms dramatically, but without further medical therapy, it will likely come back. This may be a good option if you are trying to get pregnant. For severe, refractory cases, a hysterectomy with removal of the ovaries may be necessary. Menopause is generally a cure since the hormonal stimulation ceases.

    If you think you may have endometriosis, discuss your symptoms and fertility desires with your personal ob/gyn. A personalized treatment plan will be tailored to your individual symptoms, needs and desires.

    Jo Choudhry, MD
    Cornerstone Ob/Gyn

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