Erectile Dysfunction & Heart Disease

Erectile dysfunction is linked with heart disease. To schedule a HeartSaver CT and check your heart, call (512) 407-SAVE

Studies show that symptoms of erectile dysfunction appear up to 36 months before symptoms of heart disease. Recognizing this early warning sign may allow for the diagnosis and treatment of undetected heart disease before it causes problems.

Break the Code of Silence
Erectile dysfunction may not be life-threatening, but it may be the first symptom of deadly heart disease. In some cases, treating heart disease may also improve erectile dysfunction. If you have experienced erectile dysfunction, consult with your physician to determine if cardiovascular screenings are appropriate for you.

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) are nearly twice as likely to have a heart attack or die from heart problems within five years than men without ED. HeartSaver CT is a way to diagnose heart disease, even before symptoms appear.

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