Executive Wellness

Executive Wellness offers a comprehensive consultation to help you understand your most valuable resource, your health.

The Executive Wellness program provides a comprehensive screening and evaluation of a person’s well-being. In a single day, we provide a myriad of services including (but not limited to) a traditional physical, exercise stress test, nutritional consultation, CT scan and ultrasound screenings.

The program is designed to offer insight into one’s health long before symptoms of disease occur. The day also includes luxuries such as a private room, lunch and a full-body massage. Executive Wellness has been a service at Heart Hospital of Austin since 2004 and has grown over the years largely by reputation. We consistently receive excellent feedback from those who participate in the program.

All results are confidential and are not shared with your employer, insurance or family unless you request it.

To schedule an appointment or request more information, visit Executive Wellness or call (512) 407-7562 or (877) 512-4123.

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