Wound Care

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Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine Center
The Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for patients with acute and chronic wounds. Our team includes physicians credentialed in Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care, nurses, certified hyperbaric technicians, and patient care technicians.

Our multi-disciplinary approach includes:

  • Vascular Assessment
  • Transcutaneous Oximetry
  • Glucose Control
  • Diabetes Education
  • Growth Factor Therapy
  • Bio-engineered Skin Equivalents

What is Hyperbaric Medicine?
The environment within the Hyperbaric chamber is pressurized with compressed air to a pressure that is 2-3 times greater than we are exposed to at sea level. This increase in pressure facilitates the delivery of oxygen to the affected wounds as the patient breathes up to 100% oxygen via a treatment hood. Typically each treatment is 2 hours in duration and the patient receives daily treatments for 20-40 days, depending upon the diagnosis and outcomes. Qualified assistants and a supervising physician closely monitor patients at all times.

​Our Hyperbaric Chambers can comfortably accommodate up to three patients and one attendant. Our staff are fully qualified and certified by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric technology.



4316 James Casey St.
Suite B. 100
Austin, TX 78745
Phone: (512) 444-4325
Fax: (512) 444-3327

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